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Great food, terrible experience

The food is really great delicious pizza live the 4 cheese. But there is always something wrong - restaurant suddenly closed, wrong order, pizza burnt, problem with delivery. Ordering from here is like rolling a dice.
placed by Anonymous on the 13th July 2018

Too slow

Do not answer phones and leave out items from your order. Very slow also
placed by Sean Mcdermott on the 19th March 2018

Tasty and lots of toppings

The pizzas we ordered arrived right on time were very tasty the toppings were fresh and there were plenty of them will be ording from Reggie again
placed by Sar Mcmullan on the 6th January 2018

Lovely and quick delivery

Second time we've ordered here. Both times the food has been lovely. Authentic Italian pizza and the garlic potatoes are also yummy.
placed by Clare Mullen on the 23rd December 2017

My favourite pizza outlet

Once again absolutely delicious. We ordered 7 pizzas online - selection available was good, including one gluten free. The bases are very good - tasty and don't cause me indigestion (as most do). Apart from very good quality ingredients, one of the things I like about Reggies pizza is that they are variable - a slightly different experience each time - not production line clones. Highly recommended!
placed by Peter Graham on the 20th December 2017

Great job

Food was perfect and delivered on time. Delivery driver even asked us to double check everything before he left to make sure nothing missing
placed by Alan Haskins on the 25th November 2017

Would try again.

Ignore the negative reviews, they are from ‘negative nancies’. I recommend trying reggies, excellent Staff, brilliant food, and a menu that will be sure to cover everyone’s needs.
placed by Anonymous on the 7th October 2017

Not bad

The pizza was cooked well - just felt the actual dough was a bit chewy - still though thought it as good value for money.
placed by Jerome Ghosh on the 1st September 2017

Great pizza

Great pizza and good service
placed by Andrew MacLeod on the 12th August 2017


Ridiculous portion size and it was like microwave food. Never again - and they didn't even have any plastic forks.
placed by ROBERT MOORE on the 18th July 2017

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